Tuesday, August 22, 2017

DNS SERVER IS NOT RESPONDING....! configure laptop/desktop wifi..

When you connect a laptop or desktop with a wifi device(router) and laptop or desktop

connect with router but can't connect with internet and a message "DNS server is not 

responding" is shown on screen then this post can give you a solution.

        DNS server is not responding means DNS server's cache is full and can't be

entered new data(configuration).

          at first you should clear DNS's cache and then you should reset new configuration.

Follow the steps given below to clear the DNS Cache and reset new configuration==>

a) Press Windows button + R button, then it will show RUN dialogue.

b) Type "cmd", and press Enter.

c) On the cmd, type "ipconfig /flushdns" to clear the DNS cache.
note: write full sentence inside the quotation mark(" ").

d) Then, type "ipconfig /release" to release the IP address for the specified adapter.

e) Next, type "ipconfig /renew" to renew the IP address for the specified adapter.

in this process your problem will be solved.

 same case to laptop in which a wifi device is used for wifi connection.

thank you for reading.

Friday, August 18, 2017


our life is a gift of god. doesn't it? if i tell, it is not, then how can i tell such a word. can i make  
a nail of human ? can i make hair of a human ? my answer is no. nobody can.so it can easily 

be said that there is a good around us.now a question arise from this decision. that is, 

one god or more than one god ? if there is more than one god then, some people 

have two eyes and some people have three eyes, some people have two kidneys and some 

people have more than two kidneys,some women give birth child and some men give birth

child. but is it happening ? no, everything is right, nothing happened in earth unusual in 

huge amount.so, it means only one god made us, gave us the body, gave us the life, gave us 

everything what we need. god gave us hand to do good things with this hand and others 

to do good things. god gave us life to do his prayer. you can understand it by an example.

 if i was a slave of some man then i had to do what my owner said to me. so for , i have to 

pray to my owner, to my god. again i was slave(let i was a slave), if my owner is cruel to me 

then, i won't love him.but if my owner is a good man and he gave my rights and he 

forgave me when i do a misdeed then, i will love him and obey him more. i should too. our 

god is not cruel to us, god always forgive us, always choose best thing for us(sometime we 

can't understand it). so we should obey god with utmost believe and respect and pray to god 

every time and should do what god said to do. 

see, we have air , water, oxygen, carbon-dioxide, food, crops, fish, meat etc etc etc ...these

all this is  kindness of god. we are living with these kindness. so we should do good things 

and prayers.

just one time try to start praying, try to start doing good this, you can. because god create us 

as the best life, best creature  in the earth.